Dewi Nusantara

Dewi Nusantara


Dive Safety Equipment

Guests are required to carry an SMB (surface marker buoy). We have a range of safety equipment for rental and purchase, however we recommend you have your own before the start of your cruise. Guests will be shown how to fit and use this equipment correctly during the dive procedures briefing at the beginning of your cruise. We give out SMB and whistle, we do not require guests to carry a mini strobe or a dive alert.

Oxygen Units & First Aid

Qualified guests will be shown the location of Dewi Nusantara’s First Aid Kit and the O2 units. If there are guests on board who have training in either First Aid and/or O2 administration they are encouraged to identify themselves and to act accordingly in the event of an emergency and in case there would be no dive crew immediately available.

Emergency Evacuation & Recompression Info

Please be aware you will sometimes be diving in some very remote locations. The nearest working recompression chamber to Dewi Nusantara’s general operating areas is in Manado at the public hospital. To reach it will sometimes require the use of emergency air evacuation, which is not always available. Please plan and execute your dives carefully.