Dewi Nusantara

Dewi Nusantara


Dewi Nusantara is renowned for operating in some of the most diverse and exciting dive destinations on the planet. With more species of coral’s and marine life than anywhere else on earth, the seas of the Indonesian archipelago lead the world when it comes to marine life bio-diversity and our itineraries visit two of the country’s most spectacular areas.

Depending on your trip itinerary you will be visiting either Komodo, Alor, Banda Sea, Cenderawasih Bay or Raja Ampat in Papua and you will be making up to four dives a day in two of the most sought after dive destinations on the planet. Site selection depends on many variables such as weather and sea conditions but also on you – tell us what you would like to see and do and we will do our very best to accommodate your wishes.

On Dewi Nusantara everyone is a VIP!!

All diving from Dewi Nusantara is carried out using our custom built tenders. The diving at some of the sites in the some areas is considered to be relatively advanced because of the strong currents which can be encountered there – but don’t worry, we won’t put you into any hazardous situations. You will be responsible during your trip for planning your own dive profiles. In doing so, we ask that you adhere to the standard safe diving practices set forth by your training agencies. Detailed briefings will be given before every dive.