Dewi Nusantara

Dewi Nusantara


Welcome to the amazing waters of the Indonesian Archipelago!!!

With the launch of the Dewi Nusantara  in 2008 we set a new standard of comfort, design, space, service and safety for dive live-aboards in Indonesia.

Our goal is to offer our guests a first class cruise experience in dive areas that are second to none. To accomplish this goal we are perfectly situated in the Heart of the Coral Triangle where you will encounter more coral and fish species than anywhere else in the world!

Guido Brink (Dewi’s ‘auctor intellectualis’), has designed, built, operated live-aboards since 1998. With each new design he raised the bar for divers underwater experience, on board life experience AND safety. Together with the excellent¬†and dedicated office team in Bali we form one of the most experienced and efficient companies in the dive live-aboard industry in Indonesia.

Our sales and marketing manager is based in the United Kingdom. This will make your communication with us when you live in Europe or the US a lot easier! Alison Bygrave is available to answer all your questions and take your bookings!

Besides your cruise on Dewi Nusantara we can also take care of your domestic flight arrangements, hotel or villa accommodations in any class, transfers and any other travel request you may have.

Looking forward to greet you on board the Dewi Nusantara for the dive extravaganza of a life time!